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Notes for William Lambron and Joan Soor

Research Notes:

Catholic Families states that SIr William Lamborn, Living 23 July 1394, married as his first wife Joan, daughter and heir of Ralph Soor of Talverne by Joan his wife, daughter and heir of John de Landsdron, citing Brook's Collections Ms 89. His second wife was Joan, daughter and coheir of Sir William de Luscote, Knt. by Alice his wife, daughter of Thomas Archdeacon. This Joan was the widow of Sir John de Arundel, Knt. of Lanherne. Their son Sir John Arundell of Lanherne, Knt. married William Lambron's daughter, Anora, by his first wife. [1]


[1] J. Jackson Howard and H. Seymour Hughes, eds., Genealogical Collections Illustrating the History of Roman Catholic Families of England Based on the Lawson Manuscript, Part III Arundell. (Printed for Private Circulation, 1887), 222.