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Notes for Israel Ivins and Margaret Woodward

1760 Israel Ivins, son of Moses and Kesiah Ivins ... was born on February 19, 1760. He married Margaret Woodward and died June 11, 1882. Israel and Margaret had eight sons. [1] [2]

1799 Israel Ivins of Mansfield Twp, Burlington County purchased land from John Lawrence. There were two tracts, both in New Hanover, Burlington County. Isaac Ivins Jr had owned one parcel in 1748. [3]

1802 Joseph Hopkins, farmer of New Hanover Twp, Burlington County, and his wife Rebecca, sold land to Israel Ivins, merchant. The land was on the road to Jacobs Town and was adjacent to Israel Ivins' mill pond and land of Cyrus Middleton. Dated March 12. [4]

1811 Israel Ivins and wife Margaret, of Upper Freehold Twp, Monmouth County, sold land to Joseph Frazier. The deed was dated March 30. [5]

1815 Israel Ivins and wife Margaret sold land to Samuel W Ivins. Dated April 1. The tract was in New Hanover, adjacent to lands of Asa Branson and Benjamin Jones mill pond. [6]

1820 The estate of Samuel W Ivins was found insufficient to pay his debts, so George W Ivins and James Ivins, the administrators, were instructed to sell real estate from his estate. Dated November 11, at the Burlington Orphan's Court. One lot had been sold to Samuel W Ivins by Israel Ivins and Margaret, his wife, by deed C2-475 on April 1, 1815. Another lot had been sold by William Rogers to Samuel Ivins by deed F2-566 on April 4, 1818. [7]

1822 The last will and testament of Israel Ivins gave the home farm in New Hanover, Burlington County, New Jersey, adjoining lands of Benjamin Ivins, William Rogers? and others, and [farms] purchased of Anthony Woodward & Nimrod Woodward in Upper Freehold, Monmouth County to son Charles Ivins. Also some pine land and a cedar swamp. Charles was to maintain the widow Margaret. Sons James and George were to receive the pine? land of 73 acres in Upper Freehold, Monmouth County held from a quit claim with Samuel Preton?. The children of son Anthony got ten good sheep. Son Moses inherited the remainder. Son Charles and widow Margaret were named executors. Dated April 3, 1822. Witnessed by William Rogers, Joseph Harris, and John Warren. Certified by Abraham Brown as the will of Israel Ivins, deceased, on 21 June, 1822. [8]

Research Notes:

Sons Anthony, Samuel, Robert, Moses, George, James, and Charles were named in a Woodward genealogy. [9]

1837 Moses, James, and Barzilla Ivins were delegates at a Democratic meeting in Upper Freehold.
Monmouth Democrat, Freehold, New Jersey, August 30, 1834. [10]

1837 Sons Moses and James Ivins of Upper Freehold were members of the Democratic party (supporting Martin van Buren)
Monmouth Democrat, Freehold, New Jersey, August 31, 1837. [11]


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