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Notes for Martin Rohrer and Anna Nancy Miller

1778 Martin Rohrer, son of Isaac Rohrer and Elizabeth Groff, was born. [1]

"Martin, the second child of Isaac and Elizabeth, was born on the home farm along the Conestoga in 1778. He married a girl whose given name was Anna (Nancy), but the family name is not known. Martin lived on his father`s plantation in Upper Leacock Township until the time of his father's death in 1801, and on part of it for four years after. In Isaac's will, Martin was given 100 acres of the plantation, including the buildings, orchard, and nearby meadow. Isaac valued it to him at $67.90 per acre and specified in his will that he was to pay $200 per year to the rest of the heirs until he had the balance beyond his share of the estate paid. Martin and Nancy`s share of the estate was $3355 and the balance yet to be paid, was $3435. In 1806 he bought from his brother Henry the 82 acres of the plantation, which he, Henry, had been given in his father's will. Nancy and Martin now owned 182 acres of the original 223 acre plantation. However in 1808, Martin sold his 182 acres to his brother John, and he and Nancy moved to the city of Columbia, where Route 30 crosses the Susquehanna River. Here in Columbia, Martin bought an Inn, located on Lot 105, and paid $2325 for it. They lived here for four years and ran the Inn. In 1812 they sold the Inn and Lot for $4240. Martin died the next year in 1813. His place of burial is at present unknown. To the union of Martin and Nancy were born four children:—Isaac, Abner, Mary, and Henry. They were all under 14 years of age- when their father died. Martin was 35 years old when he died. No further information is known concerning this family." [2]

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Martin Rohrer, perhaps this one, was pensioned in Ohio (O.W. Inv file 1341) for the Indian War (not war of 1812). (Ancestry.com, commercial database from NARA records).


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