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Notes for David West and Emma Lavina Wright

Marriage record: David West, age 25, born England, confectioner, son of James and Mary West, to Emma Lavina Wright, age 20, born U.S., daughter of Thomas and Eliza Wright, April 15, 1871, in Hamilton. Lavina is indexed as Lovina.

Death record for David West, age 75th yr, born in Hants, Eng. born Aug. 6, 1845, retired, died Mar. 2, 1920 in Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario, lived in Ontario 50 years, informant E.L. West, residence Fort Dove, son.

Death record for Emma Lavina: Emily Lavia West died Mar 21, 1880, of typhoid fever, in St Catherines, Lincoln, Ontario, age 29, born in England. (It's incorrectly indexed as Emily Davis West, but it says Emily Lavia. I think this must be Emma Lavina.)

Death record for Alice Maud Meakins, 19 January 1902, age 24, cause of death Brights disease, 2 yrs, residence 314 Main E., Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario. It's indexed as "Alice Maud McAvins."

I haven't found a birth record for the Alice Maud West who married William Grant Meakins. Her birthday is given as 12 October 1877 in the 1901 census.

The marriage record for Alice and William says "1898 Wentworth County, Groom Meakins Wm Grant, age 26, bachelor, occupation Manufr., parents Chas Wm Meakins and Elizth Campbell, Bride West Alice Maud, age 21, spinster, parents David West and Eliza Wright. The residence and place of birth for both is Hamilton. Archives of Ontario Microfilm MS932_97." Since Alice lost her mother at a very young age, she may have thought of her grandmother as her mother.

The Canadian census records suggest that Alice Maud lived both with her father and with her grandmother. Also, David West was living in with the Wright family in 1871.

1871 census, St. Georges Ward, Hamilton:
Eliza Wright, 37, b. Eng, widow
Emma Wright, 20, b. U.S.
Edwin Wright, 17, b. U.S., Carriage Painter
Henry Wright, 14, b. U.S.
Eliza Wright, 12, b. U.S.
Catheran Wright, 6, b. Ont.
William Wright, 4, b. Ont.
James Ford, 18, b. Ont., Shoemaker
David West, 23, b. Eng., Baker

1881 census, Hamilton, Ward 4:
Henry Wright 25, b. Ont.
Eliza Wright, 49, b. Eng.
Katy Wright, 17, b. Ont., Clerk
Alice Maud West, 3, b. Ont.

1881 census, Lincoln, St Catherines
David West, 35, b. Eng., Baker
Edward West, 10, b. Ont.
Earnest West, 8, b. Ont.
Emma West, 6, b. Ont.
Alice West, 3, b. Ont.
Eliza West, 2, b. Ont.

1891 census, Hamilton, Ward 7:
Eliza Wright, 64, widow, b. Eng.
William J. Wright, 23, son, b. Ont.
Alice M. West, 13, G.D., b. Ont.

1891 census, Lincoln and Niagara, St. Catharines:
David West, 44, Widow, b. Eng., Baker
Ernest West, 17, b. Ont.
Emma West, 16, b. Ont.
Maud West, 14, b. Ont.
Ethel West, 12, b. Ont.