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Notes for Henry Foust and Rachel Hixon

1827 Henry Faust, son of Louisa and Daniel Faust, was born on December 9, 1827. [1] Henry was baptized on March 23, 1828 at St. David's/Sherman's Reformed and Lutheran Church in York County, Pennsylvania, with Henry and Judith Shuman as sponsors.

1850 Laura Foust (age 50, born in Pennsylvania) lived in Johnsville, Morrow County, Ohio, USA, in a household with Henry Foust (age 22, cooper), John Foust (age 16), Samuel Foust (age 9), and Ellen Foust (age 18). [2]

Research Notes:

1855 Henry Faust and Rachel Hixon were married on June 11, 1855 in Wabash County, Indiana. Elisha Stout was the officiator. The license was issued on June 7, 1855. [3]

1860 Henry Foust (age 32), farmer, lived in Santafee (post office), Waltz Twp, Wabash County, Indiana, in a household with Rachael Foust (age 23) and John Foust (age 1). [4] They lived in Waltz, Wabash County, Indiana, near where Henry's Aunt Sarah Elizabeth Jones lived, giving a possible link to this Henry. Seveana Hixon (age 42) was listed nearby.


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