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Notes for Thomas Alfred Burr and Lydia Moore

1826 Lydia Moore, daughter of Mark and Elizabeth Moore, was born on May 3 in Greenwich, Kent. Her parents registered her birth in 1837. [1]

Dated 28 day of July 1837
This is to certify and declare, that Lydia Moore the daughter of Mark Moore Gentleman of 2 Queen St. Place in the Parish of St Martin Vintry in the City of London and Elizabeth his wife (who was the daughter of John & Elizabeth Omer Bookseller & Stationer of Deptford in the County of Kent) was born at the house of the said Mark Moore No. 4 Deptford Bridge Greenwich in the County of Kent on the third day of May 1826.
Mark Moore
Elizth Moore, The Parents abovenamed.
We certify and declare that we were present at the Birth of the Child above-mentioned; and that such Birth took place at the time and place aforesaid.
JG Shiruff(?) of Deptford, Kent-M.D.
Charlotte Delahoy of 2 Queen St Place Half Sister
Received, Filed, and Registerd, according to the custom in use among Protestant Dissenters, at the Registry of Births kept at Dr. Williams's Library, Red-Cross Street, Cripplegate, London, this 28 day of July 1837.
By me, Richard Logan

1826 Thomas Alfred Burr, son of Thomas Burr and Maria his wife, was born on July 4 in Chatham, Kent. He was baptized on October 15 at the Clover Street, Ebenezer Chapel in Chatham. [2] [3] [4]

1852 The marriage of Thomas Alfred Burr and Lydia Moore in Holborn, London, England, was listed in the October-December marriage registration index. [5]

1871 In the 1871 England census, Thomas Alfred Burr (age 44) and his wife Lydia Burr (age 44) lived at Queen Square in St. George the Martyr parish in London, England, with daughter Elizabeth Lydie Burr (age 16), son Alfred Burr (age 15). and Edwin Burr (age 4). Thomas was a civil engineer. Thomas was born in Chatham, Kent, Lydia in Greenwich, Kent, Elizabeth Lydie and Alfred in Islington, Middlesex, and Edwin in St George the Martyr, Middlesex. [6]

1890 Thomas Alfred Burr and Thomas Moore Burr, both of 10 Queen square, were listed in the electoral register for the Borough of Finsbury, Holborn division, London, England. [7] [8] Thomas Burr (age 11, born in London, Middlesex) was a pupil living in St John's Margate, Kent.

1892 Thomas Alfred Burr of 10 Queen square was listed in the electoral register for the Borough of Finsbury, Holborn division, London, England. [9]

1893 Thomas Alfred Burr of 11 Queen-square Bloomsbury Middlesex died 18 September 1893 at 113 Castle-Hill Reading. Probate London, 20 October to Lydia Burr widow. Effects £970.8.11. [10] The death of Thomas Alfred Burr, at age 67, in Reading, Berkshire, England was recorded in the July-September registration index. [11]

Research Notes:

Thomas Alfred Burr was a Civil Engineer.


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