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Notes for Michael Ritts and Margaret Winebrenner

1849 Margaret Winebrenner and Michael Ritz were married on January 7 in Elkhart County, Indiana. [1] [2] [3]

1850 Margaret Ritz (age 20, born in Pennsylvania) lived in Harrison Twp, Elkhart County, Indiana, in a household with Michel Ritz (age 25). [4]

1860 Michael Ritts (age 34, born in Pennsylvania) lived in Bradford Twp, Chickasaw County, Iowa, in a household with Margaret Ritts (age 30), Joseph Ritts (age 10), Solomon Ritts (age 7), Robert Ritts (age 6), and Matilda Ritts (age 2). Michael Ritts's occupation was farmer. [5]

1864 Abigail Winebrenner dated her will on December 8 in Noble County, Indiana. The will named children Elizabeth, John, Sarah Shiffren, Andrew, Daniel, Joseph, Mary Schiffler, William, and Margaret Kitt. The probate date was November 19, 1864. Witnessed by John P. Kitt and James C. Stewart. [6] Note the discrepancy in last name: Kitt versus Ritts.

1870 Michael Ritz (age 47, born in Pennsylvania) lived in Lafayette Twp, Bremer County, Iowa, in a household with Margaret Ritz (age 55), Joseph Ritz (age 18), Solomon Ritz (age 16), Robert Ritz (age 14), Matilda Ritz (age 12), Jane Ritz (age 8), Eliza Ritz (age 6), Charles Ritz (age 3), and Collins Ritz (age 1). Michael Ritz's occupation was farmer. [7]

1880 Michael Ritts (age 58, born in Pennsylvania, married) lived in Grand Meadow, Cherokee County, Iowa, in a household with Margaret Ritts (age 56), Joseph Ritts (age 28), Solomon Ritts (age 26), Robert Ritts (age 24), Matilda Ritts (age 22), Sarah Ritts (age 19), Eliza A. Ritts (age 17), Charles Ritts (age 14), and Collins Ritts (age 11). Michael Ritts's parents were both born in Massachusetts. Michael Ritts's occupation was farmer. [8]

1887 Solomon Ritts, age 31, and Clara E. Kegley were married on July 31 in Plymouth County, Iowa. Solomon Ritts was a son of Michael Ritts and Margaret Winebrenner. [9]

1900 Margaret Ritts (born in Pennsylvania in Jun 1830, married), wife, lived in Buckeye, Shasta County, California, in a household with Michael Ritts (age 72). Margaret and Michael Ritts's parents were all born in Pennsylvania. Margaret Ritts had had 8 children, 7 still living. [10]

1918 Margaret Ritts died on November 4, 1918, in Shasta County, California. [11]

1918 Margarett Ritts, spouse of Michael Ritts, died on November 4, 1918 and was buried at Anderson District Cemetery, Anderson, Shasta County, California. Margarett Winebrenner Ritts was born on June 1, 1830. [12] [13]

Research Notes:

We assume that daughter Peggy, named in the will of Christian Winebrenner was Margaret Winebrenner, who married Michael Ritts. Michael Ritts has been reported as a brother of Joseph Ritts, spouse of Mary Hay. We suspect that Mary Hay was a daughter of Mary Winebrenner (half-sister of Margaret Winebrenner) by her second husband, Hay.

The birthplaces of Michael's parents were reported in several contradictory places.


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