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Welcome to the UMARC license page

With a little work, and the help you'll receive by following the links to all the pages associated with this website, you'll soon be an FCC licensed amateur radio operator or "Ham"-- as they're better known. All you need do is follow the suggestions pointed out on the subsequent pages and spend a little time reviewing the exam questions and answers included and you'll have your license. It will only take a few weeks -- if not less. So why wait, don't put it off, get started today?

Before going on to the next page you may find it helpful to review the basic instructions on how to navigate through this site in order to optimize your time and effort. (On the other hand, if you feel confident you know how to navigate, simply go to the Why page now.

Left Sidebar

You'll find a number of links on each page that you'll want to refer to often. These are listed in the left sidebar of the page.

The first set contains helpful hints on how to obtain your license and loads of useful information about amateur radio. They are viewed by selecting one of the menu items that pop-up after pointing to one of the three club names under Ham Radio Clubs:

  • UMARC - the University of Michigan Amateur Radio Club
  • ARROW - the Ann Arbor Amateur Radio Club
  • ARRL - a national radio club

Just below the list of ham radio clubs is a Google search bar should you wish to search the internet for any topic not covered herein.

Under the Get your license heading is a list of the pages that will help you obtain the FCC amateur licenses. Except for "Ask UMARC", you can click on any of these to reach the appropriate page. You can also reach these pages by clicking on any of the yellow buttons in the header. They are:

  • Some excellent reasons WHY you should get your license
  • Hints on HOW the FCC tests are constructed
  • Details (including access to all the questions and answers) required to successfully pass the:
    • TECHNICIAN exam
    • GENERAL exam
    • EXTRA exam
  • How to go about mastering Morse CODE, which is still extensively used by ham radio enthusiasts but no longer tested or required by the FCC.
  • And even a link (not in the header) where you can Ask UMARC for help if you still have an unanswered question.

Below the "Get your license" links is the UMARC address, followed by a time stamp for the website.
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Right Sidebar

Page headings, along with other web pages, can be reached by clicking on the links listed in the right sidebar. Under the Go to heading labeled line on this page.) On some pages the right sidebar will also list links to other places of particular interest. These may or may not be mentioned in the text.

You can always return to the top of a page by clicking on one of the "Return to Top" links.
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Should you ever become lost, besides using the six page buttons, you can always return to this page by clicking on the words Get Your License in the header or if you wish to go to the UMARC or University of Michigan websites simply click on University of Michigan Amateur Radio Club words or the University of Michigan logo, respectively.
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OK! That should be sufficient instructions to successfully navigate our site. Now it's time to accomplish what you really came here to do, i.e., learn if Ham radio is right for you. To do so, turn to our Why should I? page. Or if you have already decided you'd like to be a Ham (or wish to see how easy it is to become one, turn to our How do I? page. Or if it's to learn how to study for a particular license class, then turn to either our Technician, General or Extra class pages. Or if it's to upgrade your radio skills by learning the Morse code - "good for you, you've made a wise decision", simply go directly to our Code page. Whathever reason, we appreciate your having taken the time to utilize our site. And, by all means, "Have a good day!"
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Go Blue!

73 de W8UM

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