Need a small study break or a place to meet up with friends?

Whether it's for a small break in between studying, or if you just need a place to just catch up with friends, Starbucks Coffee, Espresso Royale, and Bubble Island are the main places people go. Starbucks Coffee and Espresso Royale are coffee shops that also sell a little bit of snack food. Bubble Island serves tapioca bubble tea; they have a variety of milk tea, green tea, and black coffees to help make your studying a little easier, or just to have a good drink on a warm or cold day.


The two main clubs in Ann Arbor are Necto and Studio 4. Necto is located on Liberty, right next to TK Wu, while Studio 4 is located farther from campus, on S. Fourth Ave. Many undraising events, and many of the parties thrown by the Asian fraternities/sororities happen at Necto.

Looking for a play or show to watch?

It's easy! Michigan Union has a ticket office (also known as MUTO) in the basement. You can check out the schedules of the shows (http://www.umich.edu/~muto/events.html), and purchase tickets at discounted student rates.

Do you want to see a popular movie?

The two main cinemas in Ann Arbor are Quality 16 and Showcase Cinemas. These movie theaters show the latest movies that come out every week. They are both about equidistance away from Central Campus, however, Quality 16 offers student discounts on movie prices.
Showcase Cinemas Movie Listings: http://showcasecinemas.com/
Quality 16 Movie Listings: http://www.gqti.com/

If you're just looking for an older movie to watch, Ann Arbor has a Dollar Theater located in Briarwood Mall on the JCPenney side. All tickets before 6PM are just $1.00. All seats after 6PM, Monday through Thursday, are $1.50. All seats after 6PM, Friday & Saturday, are $1.75. On Tuesdays, all movie tickets are $0.50.

There's also the option of watching movies downtown, at the Michigan Theater or the State Theater. For the most part, the movies that they show every week are listed on the front of the theater. The price for each movie is located at the box office in the movie theater.


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