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Project Hybrid I

Motor Documentation

Hybrid I Kit

Components of hybrid motor before flight. Shown is the nitrous oxide injector, (upper left corner) Nitrous Oxide tank fitting (gold piece, middle-left), the injector bulkhead (blue piece, lower-left), the graphite nozzle (black piece, middle), and the combustion chamber (blue piece lower right corner)

Hybrid I Test Fire 1

Hybrid motor test fire set-up. The venue is immediately behind the project space building. MASA constructed a firing stand for the motor, which was built in order to capture the full force of the rocket test, and also to maximize security for club members

Hybrid I Test Fire 2

Side view of rocket motor assembly prior to test fire. The nitrous oxide tank is seen hooked up to the fuel cell.

Hybrid I Test Fire 3

Hybrid I rocket during test fire

Hybrid Motor Specifications
NameMotor Block I
Maximum Thrust90 lbs
Maximum Burn Time7 sec
Combustion Chamber Length12 in
Diameter2 in
FuelWax and Nylon
OxidizerNitrous Oxide
Motor is manufactured by
Cesaroni Technologies Incorporated.