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Mission Statement:

   The Michigan Aeronautical Science Association is a student organization created specifically to design and fabricate rockets. MASA focuses in projects involving new hybrid propulsion technologies and composite structures. These projects culminate in rocket launches, which have been conducted since 2004. MASA's rockets are technologically demonstrative and more than able to launch payloads such as GPS telemetry devices, cameras and Cansat satellite simulators.

   MASA's rocket projects range from simple introduction rockets that familiarize engineering students with practical design challenges, to rockets that push the edge of space. MASA is supported by the University of Michigan College of Engineering, the University of Michigan Aerospace Department, NASA Space Grants, and several professional corporations.

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MASA Goals:

1. Provide the University of Michigan Community with an active club that allows members to explore emerging engineering and science technologies through the design, construction and launch of rockets.

2. Conduct community outreach to local schools to motivate students to study math and science.

3. Grow the membership to a group that spans the University of Michigan so that members can collaborate with different fields of engineering.