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SIMON SAYS Archive July 2002

July 31, 2002 "Beyond 1"

"When people die, Mother Earth makes them come back to life, only with a new mommy!"

"And, mommy, when you die, you'll get a new mommy and daddy, so I'll get a new grandma and grandpa!"

"It's a good thing I'm not dying from cancer because I go to the hospital to take care of me."

One day in July, 2002 "Cooking arrangement"

One of our food staples are "Bunny Noodles", noodles and an envelope with cheese powder packaged in a cardboard box. The Annie's brand has a bunny logo on it... Simon and Miriam love to assist in the cooking process.
Simon: "Until I'm grown up and big and cook myself I'm always going to do the noodles and cheese and Miriam can do the yogurt. OK, daddy?"

July 19, 2002 "Starting to feel a little better"

We can tell that Simon is feeling less terrible because his manners are returning. Instead of ignoring us or barking "No!" when we encourage him to eat, he's starting to respond with a mild "No, thank you." Still, we can tell he's struggling.
Simon: "Why am I so tired?"

July 19, 2002 "Bedtime"

Simon: "Hey, I love these pj's. Marina gave them to me. And I always think of her when I see them."

July 19, 2002 "Restless at 5:30 am"

Simon: "Mom, I have a good idea."
Mary: "Hmm?"
Simon [with a lot more ums and little stutters than written here]: "We could take a cup, and then put grapefruit juice or something in it. Then we could put it in the freezer. And then later we could stick something in it. Then we could eat it like a popsicle. Let's do that!"
Fortunately, he fell back asleep.

July 18, 2002 "A revelation"

Miriam was having her "goodnight drinky" before bed while we read a story with Simon.
Miriam: "Who made the milk?"
Mary: "I did."
Miriam [eyes wide, imagining what she was thinking]: "Did you open it and put it inside?"
Mary: "No, it just makes the milk inside, all by itself."
[Miriam seemed pretty impressed.]

July 17, 2002 "Dealing with bad moods"

In an extremely astute moment, Simon expressed deep understanding of his motivation for being uncooperative. At supper, he complained about the cream sauce on the noodles, insisting on plain noodles. Mary and Markus tried, in vain, to convince him to try one noodle to see if he liked it. (Cream sauce seemed like a good idea for a little boy who needs to regain at least 4 pounds since his surgery.) Finally, Simon gave up in disgust, not wanting to budge on his position, and he left the table. He sat at the play table and worked on a coloring book. After a little while, he offered an explanation.
Simon: "Mom, I have to tell you something. My body wants to pick on people. That's why I'm doing these things."
Mary: "Do you mean you want to pick on people or do you mean that about the food?"
Simon: "About the food."
How much anger must a little kid have after what he's been going through?

July 17, 2002 "Sharing with a little sister is a challenge"

Simon and Miriam were coloring together and using tubes of glitter glue. Commenting on Miriam's typical exhuberance with the glitter glue, Simon said:
"Miriam likes to empty my glitters."

July 16, 2002 "Haircut"

We recently watched a home video from a couple of years ago and saw Simon getting a haircut in Grann's kitchen.
Simon: "When I get new hair, and we're in Oberlin sometime, I want Grann to cut my hair again."

July 14, 2002 "Thoughtful comment"

Markus: "I think I may have Miriam's cold."
Simon: "I think you do, but I hope you don't."

July 8, 2002 "Simon's friends say great things, too"

Our friend Caroline and her daughter Hava made a big tub of soup for us while Simon was recovering from surgery. Caroline reported Hava's comment when she told her they were making the soup for Simon.
Hava: "Is it the old Simon or the new Simon?"
Caroline asked her what the difference was.
Hava: "Simon number one had black hair and Simon number 2 has gold hair."

July 4, 2002 "Lots of cars"

We've been enjoying the luxury of a second car for several weeks. A very kind neighbor has left his family car for us to use while they are away. Simon and Miriam had the below slightly stream-of-consciousness conversation the day after his surgery.
Simon: "We have three cars now. Our green car, Grann's red car, and the black car."
[Back to his Hercules video.]
Simon: "Where are my engines?"
Miriam: "Simon, I love you."


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