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SIMON SAYS Archive May 2002

May 29, 2002 "The Same"

Reluctantly submitting to his morning injection of Iscador (mistletoe extract, see TREATMENT for more information), Simon sighed and said:
"I want to be the same--the same as I was before I had cancer."

May 19, 2002 "Service, Please!"

Couch-potato-style, Simon asked Mary to wait on him hand and foot and bring something, like a slice of bread, to him as he watched a video. She advised him he could got take care of that himself.
"I'm not a taking care of myself boy!"

May 15, 2002 "Just a little confused"

Grann was out with the kids, who were enjoying a popsicle from Emma and Louise near the sandbox. Ready to move on and get the last of his popsicle out of his hands, Simon turned to Grann and asked:
"Grann, would you turn this off for me?"

May 13, 2002 "The Human Soul"

Simon frequently watches the Disney film "Hercules", which has led to several interesting conclusions in his world view. He is impressed by the souls of the dead that swim lifelessly in the underworld and the depiction of the soul leaving and later reanimating the body. He referred to the soul recently as:
"The part of us, what makes us move."
[In a recent conversation about the rain, and whether it is living (like plants and animals, as opposed to rocks and cars), he said that rain is living before it comes down from where God is. We asked if the rain comes from God. He said, no, from the clouds. We asked if God lives in the clouds. He said, no, God lives on Mt. Olympus!]

May 12, 2002 "A Candle at Dinner"

Miriam had the good idea of lighting a candle at dinner. Simon went around and turned off all the lights with Markus. As we sat in the warm glow together at the table, Simon said:
"A candle on the table brings everyone together."
Miriam then initiated a hand-holding blessing, which began with many thanks to the friend who had lovingly prepared and delivered our meal that day.

May 12, 2002 "Don't Give Up on Simon!"

Mary, frustrated with trying to get a wiggly Simon dressed in a hurry before church, said: "Simon, I'm about to give up on you!"
"Don't give up on me." [Locking Mary's eyes in deep contact] "There's no giving up on me. Not ever."

May 12, 2002 "Symmetry, Simon-style"

"I'm glad because I love you. And you're glad because you love me!"

May 11, 2002 "Lucky"

"Everybody's lucky in this whole wide world. 'Cause I have you, and you have me. And I love you, and you love me."

May 6, 2002 "The Joys of Meals from Friends"

We received a lovely homecooked meal from our friend Jane Bishop, a fellow First UU and a classmate of Mary's mom at Oberlin College. Jane delivered the food to the daycare at LInda's house, and the kids and Markus had a nice conversation with Jane at the end of the day. Speaking for all of us, Simon remarked over dinner:
"I like it when a friend brings us food. Then we don't have to cook anything. And it's good!!"

May 5, 2002 "Such a Nice Big Brother"

Miriam spilled her cup containing a cereal snack on the floor.
Simon: "I'm going to help you! If we pick this up together, we'll be done in no time!"

May 4, 2002 "Miriam isn't a Silly Goose"

Markus, struggling to get Miriam's cooperation to sit in her car seat, tried a bit of humorous cajoling: "You silly goose!"
Miriam: "No!"
Markus: "Are you a silly duck?"
Markus: "Silly peacock?"
Mary: "Are you a silly girl?"
Markus: "What are you?"
"I'm a chicken!!"

May 3, 2002 "What kind of freak is Simon?"

Back at the hospital, we've returned to the land of television (which we totally avoid at home) and videos (which we limit to 2 per day at home). Simon took a trip this evening to "Blockbuster", a.k.a. the Clean Holding Room on the 7th floor at Mott. This locked storage room houses a substantial video collection, along with various towels, spit-up buckets, bandages and the like. The nurses are always glad to let Simon in. Back in his room, Simon said:
"Mom, I got one, two, three, four Pooh videos!"
Mary: "Do you know why? Because you're a Pooh freak."
[Brief thinking pause] "I'm a goat cheese freak."

[For the previous reference to goat cheese, see the March 9 entry about shopping from the March SIMON SAYS page.]

May 3, 2002 "Another Bob"

[See the April page of the Simon Says Archives if you missed the first conversation about Bobs, dated April 16.]
"Mom, now I know three Bobs. Bob the Builder, Sponge Bob, and Bob the Ball!"


Mary (trying to get Simon's buy-in to take a nutritional supplement): "I'm worried about making your cancer go away."
"But it's good having cancer."
"Because people send me presents."


Simon: "We need to be careful with our bodies. We are part of the delicate world."


Simon has been saying amazing things for a long time, and many more are documented in previous months. Take a look if you haven't been there yet, or go back to see some of your favorites!

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