MHD and Star Formation Workshop

June 18th, 2011

University of Michigan, Central Campus
1085 S. University Ave
#340 West Hall
Ann Arbor MI 48109


This workshop will bring together theoretical astrophysicists to address issues regarding the role of magnetohydrodynamics in the star formation process.  Over the past 20 years, a working paradigm of star formation has been constructed, and many aspects of the theory have been verified by (or are at least consistent with) astronomical observations. Magnetic fields control much of the physics, including  the formation of star-forming condensations in molecular clouds, the formation of the clouds themselves, the subsequent evolution of the pre-collapse states, magnetic braking effects, the production of turbulence and hence accretion in circumstellar disks, and the
production of protostellar outflows. This workshop will focus on this class of issues.





Workshop Secretary: Beth Demkowski