MCTP/ ICAM Biophysics Workshop
Mechanics of Life: From Biomolecules to Molecular Machines 

June 11th - June 13th      University of Michigan, Ann Arbor MI 


Mechanics of Life: from Biomolecules to Molecular Machines

June 11-13, 2007

Mechanical forces in living matter, biological motors, elastic properties of biomolecules are among the central themes of modern  biophysics. On the one hand, single-molecule mechanical measurements are valuable tools for study of biomolecules. On the other hand,  mechanical effects play a profound role in a wide variety of biological phenomena, ranging from gene regulation to cell motility.

This workshop brings together theorists and experimentalist working on  various problems in molecular biophysics, with a special emphasis on  mechanical properties and mechanical forces in biomolecular systems, and their relationship to biological function.

Important Update:
A travel support will be provided to junior participants. A limited number of contributed talks will be included in the scientific program. Please submit your abstract by May 15 and register by June 1.