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Update: New photos are up! Please proceed to the photo gallery and check 'em out!

AIUM photo gallery

This area of the site is under development. The purpose of this area is to provide a photographic history of AIUM events and people.

Currently, we have organized and uploaded photos from ten sources.

We are soliticiting photos from community members to add to this area of the site. If you have photos you would like to share, please contact Conner (sandefur AT umich DOT edu). We can work with both digital and standard photos (which we can scan and digitize for you). Also, we can create slideshows of the albums as well.

If you would like to create albums yourself, please use Google Picasa Web. This is the software we are using to create the photo galleries and publish the slideshows on this site. Once you create your album, please inform Conner of the album's location and he can embed a slideshow in the site for you.

We appreciate your help in this effort. Hopefully, we can create a rich photographic history by combining our resources on this site.

Updated 15-nov-08 by sandefur AT umich DOT edu