Political Science 799: Multivariate Analysis

Fall 2022
Tuesday 4-6 (2325 MH)
Professor: Walter R. Mebane, Jr.
Office: 7735 Haven Hall (607/592-0546); email wmebane@umich.edu
Office hours: Tue 1-3 or other times by appointment.
GSI: Fabricio Vasselai; email vasselai@umich.edu
GSI Office hours: XXX or other times by appointment.
Course web page: in Canvass; syllabus also at http://www.umich.edu/~wmebane/ps799.html

Assignment Due Dates
due date description weight
TBA problem sets 60%
Dec 15, 1:30pm-3:30pm final paper presentations 10%
Dec 16 final paper 20%
-- participation 10%

See fpaper.pdf posted on the Canvas site for more information about the final paper and presentation.

Reading Availability

Much of the course will refer to journal articles. I plan to follow or refer to a few chapters in the following books (others also appear below).

Cameron, A. Colin, and Pravin K. Trivedi. 2005. Microeconometrics: Methods and Applications. Cambridge UP.

Kenneth E. Train. 2003. Discrete Choice Methods with Simulation. Cambridge UP.

In the following listing, required reading is preceded by a bullet. Other items are recommended.

Class meeting and reading schedule

  1. computing (Aug 30)

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  2. maximum likelihood and numerical optimization (Sep 6)

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  4. asymptotics, bootstrap and refinements (Sep 20)

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  5. text as data (Sep 27)

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  6. prediction, machine learning, LASSO, regularization (Oct 4)

  7. choice models (Oct 11)

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  9. causal identification norms, DAGs, interference (Nov 1)

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  10. hierarchical models, MCMC (Nov 8)

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  11. latent variable models (Nov 15, 22)

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  12. hypothesis tests and model selection (Nov 29)

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  13. partial identification and identification with missing covariates (Dec 6)

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  14. bounded influence estimation (Dec 6)

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  15. paper presentations (Dec 14, 1:30pm-3:30pm)