Political Science 794: Methodology Seminar

Winter 2018
Tuesday 3-6 (2333 MH)
Professor: Walter R. Mebane, Jr.
Office: 7735 Haven Hall (607/592-0546); email wmebane@umich.edu
Office hours: Tue 12-2 or other times by appointment.
Course web page: http://www.umich.edu/~wmebane/ps794.html

Assignment Due Dates
due date description weight
TBA participation 20%
April 3, 10, 17 presentation 10%
April 24 course paper 70%

Class meeting and reading schedule ($\bullet$ required)

  1. past glories (January 9)

  2. choice models (January 16)

    Bierlaire, M. 2003. BIOGEME: A free package for the estimation of discrete choice models, Proceedings of the 3rd Swiss Transportation Research Conference, Ascona, Switzerland. http://biogeme.epfl.ch/

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    John E. Jackson, Bogdan W. Mach and Radoslaw Markowski. 2010. ``Party Strategies and Electoral Competition in Post-Communist Countries: Evidence from Poland. Appendix A: Methodological Appendix.'' (in file jelsmethapp.docx)

    Walter R. Mebane, Jr., John E. Jackson and Jonathan Wall. 2015. ``Choice Function Heterogeneities in Models of Electoral Behavior.'' Working paper (in file mw14.pdf).

  3. identification, partial identification and misspecification (January 23)

    Roger Bowden. 1973. The Theory of Parametric Identification. Econometrica 41 (Nov): 1069-1074.

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  4. measurement 1 (January 30)

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  5. measurement 2 (February 6)

    Nicole Asmussen and Jinhee Jo. 2016. ``Anchors Away: A New Approach for Estimating Ideal Points Comparable across Time and Chambers.'' Political Analysis 24: 172-188. (in file anchors_away_a_new_approach_.pdf)

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  6. text data (February 13)

    Vito D'Orazio, Steven T. Landis, Glenn Palmer and Philip Schrodt. 2014. ``Separating the Wheat from the Chaff: Applications of Automated Document Classification Using Support Vector Machines.'' Political Analysis 22: 224-242. (in file

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  7. images plus (February 20)

  8. panel data and time series (March 6)

  9. process priors (March 13)

    Samuel J. Gershman and David M. Blei. 2011. A tutorial on Bayesian nonparametric models. Journal of Mathematical Psychology, forthcoming. (in file GershmanBlei2011.pdf)

    Brooks, S. P. 1998. Markov chain Monte Carlo method and its application. The Statistician 47: 69-100.

  10. strategic behavior (March 20)

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  11. distorted and missing data (March 27)

  12. presentations (Apr 3, 10, 17)

Walter Mebane 2018-01-13