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April 3, 2000
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June 8, 1999

The Virtual Reality-Enhanced

Medical Readiness Trainer - MRT

This ongoing project is an interdisciplinary effort at the University of Michigan involving the Medical Center, the Department of Emergency Medicine, the Media Union, and the Virtual Reality Laboratory at the College of Engineering. The objective is the development of a "Virtual Reality-Enhanced Medical Readiness Trainer" (MRT) that integrates advanced technologies like human patient simulators, immersive virtual reality CAVE systems, next generation Internet technology, virtual video conferencing, and more in the context of distributed and shared virtual environments for the training of emergency personnel in a variety of common as well as extreme situations.

  • Virtual Model of a Trauma Bay in the UofM Hospital's Emergency Department

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    of a Human Patient Simulator
    in the Virtual Reality CAVE

  • Virtual OR (Operating Room)

  • VRML Model:

    VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) is a standard for the distribution of 3-D models over the Web. The models can be functional and interactive. To view VRML models, a VRML plug-in is required for your Web browser. We recommend the CosmoPlayer plug-in for the Internet Explorer or Netscape browser.

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    Load the VRML model of the OR, move through a list of viewpoints (control panel), and interact with equipment using the mouse.

    Inventor Model:

    The following is an image created from an Inventor model of the same OR. The Inventor version is designed to be viewed in the CAVE.

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  • Virtual Model of a Sick Bay on Board a US Coast Guard Cutter

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    Load VRML Model of Swaying Sick Bay
    (Size 543K)

    Credits: The Medical Readiness Trainer (MRT) is a complex project involving many Team Members. Only part of the work is shown on this page: The Trauma Bay was developed by JoAnn Render for the CAVE and enriched with interactive features by Lars Schumann. The VRML model of the Operating Room was created by Andre Zoldan and adapted for the CAVE by JoAnn Render. Denis Kalkofen and Oliver Schmieding modeled the Sick Bay, Hyung-Sool Oh created the VRML version of the Swaying Sick Bay.
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