Research Scientist Emeritus
(retired from the University of Michigan in 2008)

Last Positions at the University of Michigan:
Director, University of Michigan 3D Lab
Director, University of Michigan Virtual Reality Laboratory at the College of Engineering
Research Scientist, College of Engineering
Adjunct Associate Professor of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering


Technical University of Berlin, Germany, 1970
Technical University of Berlin, Germany, 1976


Research Interest

Areas of research interest include computer-aided engineering, design, and manufacturing (CAE/CAD/CAM), geometric modeling, free-form curve and surface design, computer graphics, scientific visualization, and virtual reality.

Selected Sponsored Research

"Flow Visualization of Turbulent Burst," Office of Naval Research
"Advanced Techniques for Curve and Surface Design," Chrysler Corporation
"Feature Oriented Shape Design," Electronic Data Systems (EDS)
"Surface Quality Control and Surface Improvement Techniques," General Motors Corporation
"Intuitive Computer Model Interaction for Three-Dimensional Painting," Ford Motor Company
"Creation of Interior Bucks Using Virtual Reality," Chrysler Corporation
"Superimposed Virtual Reality in Simulation-Based Design," Orincon Corporation, DARPA
"Virtual Reality in Product Development," Prince Corporation
"Augmented Reality in Car Body Design," Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW), Germany
"High Resolution Remote Sensing of Deep-Water Shipwrecks," Sea Grant College Program
"Interactive Surface Manipulation," Imageware Corporation
"Detroit Midfield Terminal Project - Virtual Reality Model," Northwest Airlines
"Virtual Reality-Enhanced Medical Readiness Trainer - MRT," UofM Medical Center
"Visualization of Lake Michigan Currents," CILER
"Virtual Jet Ski Driving Simulator for Risk Assessment in PWC Use," Research Triangle Institute and U.S. Coast Guard
"Center for Education and Training of First Responders and Medical and Public Health Personnel," Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Selected Publications

"Microcomputer Software for Computer-Aided Ship Design," (with M.G. Parsons), Marine Technology , Vol.24/3, 1987.

"Direct Curve and Surface Manipulation for Hull Form Design," Proceedings STAR Symposium and IMSDC '88, SNAME, June 1988.

"Exploring the Color Space -- A Model for Stimulating the Learning Experience," ASEE Journal of Engineering Technology , Vol.6/2, 1989.

"Multiple Graphics Workstations for CAD," Ship Technology Research , Vol.37/4, 1990.

"Global Contact Dynamics of an Ice-Structure Interaction Model," (with D.G. Karr, A.W. Troesch), International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos , Vol.2/3, 1992.

"LaGrangian Velocity Profiles in the Wake of a High Speed Vessel," (with L. Meadows, G. Meadows, A.W. Troesch, S. Cohen, G. Root, O. Griffin, T. Swean), Ocean Engineering , Vol.21/2, 1994.

"The Highlight Band, a Simplified Reflection Model for Interactive Smoothness Evaluation," (with Y. Chen), chapter in Designing Fair Curves and Surfaces, N. Sapidis (ed.), SIAM, 1994.

"Highlight Line Algorithm for Real-Time Surface Quality Assessment," (with Y. Chen), Computer-Aided Design , Vol.26/4, 1994.

"Virtual Reality in Design and Manufacturing," Proceedings Convergence '94, SAE, October 1994.

"Virtual Reality - Advanced Industrial Design and Manufacturing," ESD Technology , Vol.56/1, 1995.

"Direct highlight line modification on nurbs surfaces," (with Y. Chen, D. Papageorgiou), Computer Aided Geometric Design , Vol. 14/1, 1997.

"Synthetic Worlds Spring to Life," The World & I , Vol.13/1, January 1998.

"Comparing Virtual and Real Worlds for Acrophobia Treatment," (with M.P. Huang, J. Himle, N.E. Alessi), in Medicine Meets Virtual Reality , IOS Press and Ohmsha, 1998.

"Challenges of Recreating Reality in Virtual Environments," (with M.P. Huang, J. Himle, N.E. Alessi), Journal of Cyberpsychology and Behavior , Vol.1/2, 1998.

"B2 - An Interactive Quality Visualization and Improvement Technique for B-spline Surfaces," (with Y. Chen), Proceedings ASME DETC'98, September 1998.

"An Immersive Virtual Reality Platform for Medical Education: Introduction of the Medical Readiness Trainer," (with J.A. Freer, H. Levine, T.A. Pletcher, W. Russel, D.J. Treloar, D. von Lubitz, W. Wilkerson, E. Wolf), Proceedings HICCS-33, January 2000.

"Web-Based Virtual Reality in Design and Manufacturing Applications," Proceedings COMPIT'2000, March/April 2000, pp. 45-55, and Hansa International Maritime Journal , Vol. 137/5, pp. 42-47, May 2000.

"The Virtual Football Trainer," published as a feature article on the Fathom Web site, July 2001.

"Using Immersive Simulation for Training First Responders for Mass Casualty Incidents (pdf, html)," (with W. Wilkerson, D. Avstreih, L. Gruppen, J. Woolliscroft), Journal of Academic Emergency Medicine (ACEM), Vol.15/11, October 2008.

Last Teaching

Eng 477 / NAME 477 : Principles of Virtual Reality

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