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International Society of Tropical Foresters


University of Michigan Chapter

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Michigan's student chapter of the International Society of Tropical Foresters (UM-ISTF) was organized in 1998 to increase communication among students and faculty from various departments who share an interest in the conservation, development, and ecology of tropical forest regions. UM-ISTF has sponsored guest lecturers on topics ranging from the prospects for forest conservation in Eastern Zaire to the realities of indigenous territorial management in Central America. Our big project in 1999 is a Symposium on Biodiversity Conservation and Globalization, being held March 29th.

Our Mission

To improve our ability as students and faculty to contribute to the conservation of tropical forests and to the social and economic aspirations of forest communities. Our goal is to promote a lasting professional commitment to conservation while encouraging understanding and discussion of the human and ecological processes affecting tropical forests.

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Sergio Knaebel, President
Kent Messer, Secretary
Juliet Erazo, Treasurer

For more information about the University of Michigan's Chapter of ISTF read our bylaws or contact Sergio Knaebel at sknaebel@umich.edu.

To join, contact Juliet Erazo at jerazo@umich.edu

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