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Jainism Simplified

Navkar Mantra The most fundamental Jain prayer.
Nav Tattvas Jainism's fundamental concepts.
Jiva The concept of the soul.
Gati State of existence of life.
Ajiva Nonliving.
Kalchakra Jain time cycle.
Punya and Pap Good and bad consequences.
Karma Theory of karma.
Kashaya Passions.
Ghati Karmas Destructive karmas.
Aghati Karmas Non-destructive karmas.
Leshya States of mind.
Bhavnas Reflections or meditations.
Asrav Inflow of karma.
Samvar Blocking of the inflow of karma.
Nirjara Shedding of karma.
Charitra Conduct.
Pratikraman Jain rituals.
Antiquity of Jainism
Yakshas and YakshiniesLesser Jain deities.

These were taken from e-mails sent by Premchand B. Gada to the Jain E-mail List.
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