It has qualities of both the bird and the mouse, rendering this animal a symbol of ANDROGYNE; it also has strong associations with darkness and obscurity, as a creature of the night. In Christian terms, the bat is viewed as "the bird of the devil" ( Cooper, 18), an incarnation of the Prince of Darkness. Although harmless, their close association with the blood-sucking vampire has given bats a terrifying connotation; they are a highly prevalent symbol in Western literature.

High relation to black magic and witchcraft because it is visible at the critical period when day turns to night. Can pose as a symbol for terror, misfortune and even death - In Dante, Satan has bat's wings in 'deepest freezing Hell'. Supposedly when they fly upwards and then come down again swiftly, the witches' hour is upon.

It is seen by some as a contradictory symbol, emblematic of happiness and long life in China while possessing a meaning not far removed from that of the dragon and the hermaphrodite in Western ALCHEMY.

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