Current (2023-2024)

I'm not teaching any courses while at MPI.

Past teaching

TA positions

Spring 2022: M427L: Advanced Calculus for Applications II
Instructor: David Rusin
Dicussion section webpage

Spring 2020: M408C: Integral and Differential Calculus.
Instructor: Stefania Patrizi

Fall 2019: M408C: Integral and Differential Calculus.
Instructor: David Clark

Spring 2019: M408S: Integral Calculus for Science
Instructor: Laura Villafuerte Altúzar

Fall 2018: M408C: Integral and Differential Calculus
Instructor: Rostyslav Kravchenko


Michigan REU: I have been a faculty advisor for an REU project at the University of Michigan math REU. I worked with Abhi Shukul on a project related to hyperbolic groups and finite-state automata.

Lab of Geometry at Michigan: I was a faculty advisor for a Log(M) project in Winter 2023, working on visualizing actions of Coxeter groups on projective space.

Texas Experimental Geometry Lab: I've worked as a graduate student mentor for four semesters at the Texas Experimental Geometry Lab (TXGL).

Directed reading program: I have been a mentor in the UT math department's Directed Reading Program for seven students from 2017 - 2021.


Summer 2020: I led a minicourse for graduate students called "Boundaries of Groups and Spaces."

Course webpage | More about 2020 minicourses

Summer 2019: I led a minicourse on the basics of hyperbolic groups.

Course webpage | More about 2019 minicourses