Scott Schneider
Lecturer in Mathematics, University of Michigan


In Fall 2015 I taught two sections of Math 116.
In Winter 2016 I taught a section of Math 217 and a section of Math 451.
During the Fall 2016 semester, I am teaching two sections of Math 185.

Here you can find information about Inquiry Based Learning (IBL) at Michigan, the Math Circle, the Math Teachers' Circle, and the Undergraduate Math Club.


My research is in descriptive set theory, particularly Borel equivalence relations and countable group actions, but I am interested in logic generally and in its connections with other areas of mathematics such as algebra and ergodic theory, as well as in the foundations, history, and philosophy of mathematics.

Written Work


Michigan email: sschnei(at)umich(dot)edu
Wake Forest email: schneism(at)wfu(dot)edu