Legal Dysfunction Notice.

Watch Out!

The coincidences found in this document are purely onanistic and in no
way imply--at all--period.  By accessing this document you are tacitly
agreeing to do whatever I say for the next twelve (12) hours.  No part
of this document may reproduce.  If you didn't write it, chances are
pretty good that someone else did.  Any links, references or allusions
to other documents and artifacts are presented as a public service and
cannot be construed, so don't try.  Say, you're pretty good at this
CyberSpace thing.  Are you one of those outlaw hackers or something?
All trademarks and copyrights herein belong to someone else so put
that down before you break it.  Dress codes will be strictly enforced.
Prices may fluctuate wildly as profiteering allows.  Latecomers will
not be seated until all reasonable means have been exhausted.

So there.