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Group Photo at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, October 2023. | Check out our Photo Gallery for more...

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We are an interdisciplinary team with diverse backgrounds that bridge the realms of physics and biology. Our enthusiasm lies in integrating tools and concepts from Biophysics, Systems and Synthetic Biology, Mechanobiology, and Engineering to pursue a quantitative comprehension of complex stochastic cellular and developmental processes. Learn more about who we are (via the People page) and what we do (explore our Research and Social activities and try out the Software we developed).

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The Yang lab is affiliated with various programs at the University of Michigan: Biophysics, Physics, Applied Physics, Complex Systems, BME, Bioinformatics, CDB, CMB. See also our current Affiliations page.

We warmly welcome interested individuals at all levels to check out our Opportunities page and contact us via qiongy@umich.edu to learn more.

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The Yang Lab songs:
"Jingle Bell" | "Cool Kids" | Download lyrics

The lyrics of the two songs were written by our undergraduate student Mark Antosz in Dec 2016 to celebrate our Christmas party. They were sung and recorded by Mark and his friends.

Our lab pet 'Larry':
This color-changing wire sculpture zebrafish was designed and made by Nigel Michki with the help of Suzie Kim and Shiyuan Wang.

Photo Gallery


Diag, Ann Abor 2023
Diag, Ann Abor 2023
Diag, Ann Abor 2023
Diag, Ann Abor 2023
Nelson Meade County Farm Park, Ann Arbor 2022
Dennis Oppenheim’s Arriving Home, Ann Arbor 2021
Sava's, Ann Arbor 2019
BIRS, Banff, Canada 2018
Diag, Ann Arbor 2019
Artium, Ann Arbor 2018
Home party, Ann Arbor 2017
Chemistry, Ann Arbor 2016
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Congratulations, Dr. Owen Puls!
Congratulations, Dr. Zhengda Li!
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News Highlight

  • Feb 2024: Our research article "Comprehensive Parameter Space Mapping of Cell Cycle Dynamics under Network Perturbations" is published in ACS Synthetic Biology. Also, check out our Publications page.

  • Feb 2024: Shiyuan Wang successfully defended his dissertation! Congratulations, Dr. Wang!

  • Feb 2024: Our lab presented a featured colloquium "Yang Lab CDB Breakfast Colloquia". Qiong introduced the overall research theme of the lab followed by three research talks presented by Yeong, Liam, and Owen.

  • Jan 2024: Qiong accepts a Chair-Elect position for “Physical Cell Biology” at Biophysical Society (BPS).

  • Jan 2024: Linyuan Li joined us as an Undergraduate Honors Thesis student! Welcome, Linyuan!

  • Dec 2023: Our Lab (Gembu, Yeong, and Qiong) attended and presented at the annual ASCB|EMBO meeting in Boston, MA. We each gave a talk.

  • Aug 2023: Our lab attended the 19th International Xenopus Conference at Cambridge, MD. Qiong and Gembu gave talks; Minjun and Liam presented posters.

  • Jul 2023: Usha attended a Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics (KITP) Course at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

  • Jun 2023: Usha presented a poster at the International Society for Stem Cell Research ISSCR 2023 Annual Meeting, Boston, MA.

  • Jun 2023: Owen Puls successfully defended his dissertation! Congratulations, Dr. Puls!

  • May 2023: Yeonghoon Kim joined us as Biophysics graduate students. Welcome Yeong!

  • Mar 2023: Ernesto received an Barry Goldwater Scholarship! Congratulations, Ernesto!

  • Mar 2023: Liam received an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship! Congratulations, Liam!

  • Mar 2023: Minjun and Franco both received Rackham Doctoral Intern Fellowships! Congratulations, Minjun and Franco!

  • Feb 2023: Usha was selected by the Visiting Scientist Program and visited the Advanced Imaging Center (AIC) at HHMI Janelia Research Campus for zebrafish live embryo imaging using light-sheet microscopy! Congratulations, Usha!

  • Feb 2023: Franco received an Rackham Predoctoral Fellowship! Congratulations, Franco!

  • Dec 2022: Our Lab attended the annual ASCB|EMBO meeting in Washington, DC. Usha gave a talk; Franco, Gembu, Owen presented posters.

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