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Brinistool, EA. Ye Dentist Man. Dental Review 13 1899:228.

Ye Dentist Man

Did you ever get into a dentist's chair,
With an awful feeling of deep despair,
As this "murderous knight of the forceps" threw
A grin of malicious delight at you,
As he tipped you back with a knowing smile,
Made you open your jaws like a crocodile,
While he poked his fingers around at will,
And told you to "open up wider still?"

Did you?

Will you ever forget that toothache wild,
That made you howl like a little child,
As this fellow who "pulls 'em without pain"
After hearing your tale would ascertain
The molar that kept you awake at night,
Pick up his forceps with keen delight,
And twist and tug, and pull like fun,
Till the horrible job at last was done?

Will you?

Will you ever forget that deadly drill,
Whenever there was a tooth to fill,
That whirred and buzzed with ceaseless roar,
As deep in a cavity it would bore?
Did you ever, I wonder, fail to observe
When he'd sometimes strike that tender nerve?
Did you ever fail to let out a yell,
And make remarks that you'd blush to tell?

Did you?

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