"Smiley face artist may face charges"

Maria Sprow; The Michigan Daily 3/27/03

A 43-year-old male was questioned and released by police officers Tuesday afternoon after he was caught drawing a smiley face on the center of the Diag. The man was using a permanent marker to apply the grafitti, making it a miscellaneous destruction of property because it does not wash away. Overton said the man is "somebody (DPS) deals with frequently" for trespassing, making it more likely he will be prosecuted for the crime.


Follow Up Questions:

  1. How did your prediction differ from the actual content of the article?
  2. What were you right about?
  3. What aspects of the headline may have been misleading? (Identify specific words, connotations, phrasing...)
  4. How much influence do headlines have upon a reader's perception of content?
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