"Relief Comes in Bag of Skittles"

U.S. Aid Convoys Move Into Iraq
David Finkel; Washington Post
March 27, 2003; Page A23

U.S. humanitarian aid came to Iraq today at 3:43 p.m. when a Marine lieutenant colonel named Dave Long handed some food to a small, shy, not thirsty, not starving child by the side of a road, who tore open the bag with his teeth. If it wasn't the massive aid that President Bush had promised over the weekend would begin flowing in 36 hours, or even an official shipment at all, it was at least a bag of Skittles. Like everything here today, the child was a bit dusty.

Follow Up Questions:

  1. How did your prediction differ from the actual content of the article?
  2. What were you right about?
  3. What aspects of the headline may have been misleading? (Identify specific words, connotations, phrasing...)
  4. How much influence do headlines have upon a reader's perception of content?
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