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Remembering George Williams, 1926-2010
The Dawn of Darwinian Medicine     20th anniversary  (report in Science)

Randolph M. Nesse, M.D.

    The University of Michigan       

Professor of Psychiatry,  Professor of Psychology

Research Professor, Research Center for Group Dynamics, Institute for Social Research

Director of The Evolution and Human Adaptation Program

President of The Evolution, Medicine, and Public Health Foundation

Room 3018 East Hall, 530 Church Street, Ann Arbor, MI  48109-1043

(734) 764-6593   nesse(insert@here) 

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Recent articles

Aktipis & Nesse: Evolutionary Foundations for Cancer Biology, Evolutionary Applications, 2013.

Nesse, et al. Evolutionary Molecular Medicine, J Mol Medicine, 2012

Nesse & Stein: Towards a genuinely medical model for psychiatric nosology, BMC Medicine, 2012

Antolin, et al. Evolution and medicine in undergraduate education: A prescription for all biology students, Evolution, 2012

Natural selection is simple, but the systems It shapes are unimaginably complex, 2012

Evolution: A basic science for medicine, 2012

Nesse & Jackson: Evolutionary foundations for psychiatric diagnosis, 2011

Ten questions for evolutionary studies of disease vulnerability, Evol Apps, 2011

Why has natural selection left us so vulnerable to anxiety and mood disorders? Can J Psychiatry, 2011

Nesse & Foxman: Evolution of sexually transmitted disesaes, NYAS, 2011

Nesse & Dawkins: Evolutionary medicine chapter in Oxford Textbook of Medicine, 2010

Evolutionary perspectives in health and medicine, PNAS, 2010

Social selection and the origins of culture, 2010

Making evolution a basic science for medicine, PNAS, 2009

Time for truly biological psychiatry, Brit. J. Psychiatry, 2009

 How can evolution and neuroscience help us understand moral capacities?  2009

 Evolutionary origins and functions of emotions, 2009

Review of The Evolution of Obesity, Nature, 2009

Explaining depression: Neuroscience is not enough, evolution is essential, 2009

Evolution, emotions and emotional disorders, American Psychologist, 2009

Evolution: Medicine's most basic science, Lancet, 2008

Runaway social selection for displays of partner value and altruism, Biological Theory, 2007

The Great opportunity: Evolutionary applications to medicine and public health, Applied Evolution, 2008

 New web media
Darwinian Medicine, Cambridge University Darwin Festival 2009
The Bizarre Body, Australian Public Radio, 2009
Why Does Depression Exist at all? (Grand Rounds, 2009)  
Case Western University's Year of Darwin: The Great Opportunity: New Evolutionary Applications in Medicine  
Evolution and Medicine (unedited footage from UK TV interview with Richard Dawkins)
Overview of Evolutionary Applications in Medicine.  Sackler Colloquium, National Academy, 2009
The Evolving Body. Podcast at  Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge

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