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The computer subgroup meets on an irregular schedule to discuss the application of computers to amateur astronomy.

HTML Meetings

In previous years, the computer subgroup met on the first of each month. More recently the schedule has been irregular. During 1999, the computer subgroup met June 25, 1999; July 23, 1999 and September 2, 1999 to discuss the process of developing web pages and web sites. This covered simple HTML and image files to an overview of more advanced topics such as Javascript, Java, CGIs and XML.

The subgroup met again March 3, 2000 to review the material covered in the previous 3 meetings.

During these talks, the following book was suggested:

Weinmann, Lynda and Weinmann, William. 1998. <Creative HTML Design>: A Hands On HTML 4.0 Web Design Tutorial. Indianapolis, Indiana: New Riders Publishing.

Additional Information on HTML and Javascript

For more information about HTML, see HTML Goodies.

Java Talks

On April 14, 2000 we discussed Java Applets in more detail than the cursory overview given earlier.

On July 15, 2000 we discussed Object Oriented Programming in more detail.

Additional Information on Java

Suggested books

Software Demonstrations

On January 26, 2001 we had three presentations on different astronomy software.


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