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The Lowbrows have attempted to observed meteors for several years. One way to observe meteors is to wait for a meteor shower; we have not always had the best luck with meteor showers (sometimes the number of meteors has been less than expected, sometimes the weather has not cooperated). When we have been lucky, the meteors are typically not caught on camera.

Meteors can occur at any time of year and do not need to be associated with a meteor shower. Meteors not associated with a shower are called sporatics; over the years we have observed many sporatics, however it requires some luck (or a lot of determination) to capture sporatics on film.

The following are reports from different observing sessions and most do not include photographs of meteors. These reports do however tell the tale of meteor observing with the Lowbrows, and describe some successful observing sessions.

1998—Lyrid Meteor Shower

1999—Leonid Meteor Shower

2000—The Perseid Meteor Shower and Aurora

2001—Leonid Meteor Shower

2003—The Black Forest Star Party

2004—Perseid Meteor Shower

2009—Perseid Meteor Shower

2010—Geminid Meteor Shower


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