Fridays 2:30 pm, 335 West Hall.

Organizers: Finn Larsen and James Wells

September 6
S. Mathur (Ohio State),"A Proposal to Resolve the Black Hole Information Paradox".

September 13
G. Marchesini (U of Milan), "Non-perturbative Power Corrections in QCD".

September 20
R. McNees (U of Michigan), "String Theory and Quintessence".

September 27
B. Nelson (U of Michigan),"Methods of Dilaton Stabilization, Gaugino Masses and the Tevatron".

October 4
E. Martinec (Chicago), "Black holes, Branes and Orbifolds in AdS(3)".

October 11
C Zachos (Argonne),"Quantum Mechanics Lives and Works in Phase Space".

October 18
Alexey Petrov (Wayne State),"CP violation and mixing in charm".

October 25
D. Marolf (Syracuse),"Can Objects Float on Vacuum Vluctuations?
Black Hole Entropy and the Paradox of Self-accelerating Objects".

November 1
Chris Kolda (Notre Dame),"Rare Tau Decays in Supersymmetry". 

November 8
A. Naqvi (UPenn),"Strings and Branes in large N gauge theories".

November 15
Ira Rothstein (Carnegie Mellon),"Does Unification Preclude a TeV KK scale?". 

November 22
Hooman Davoudiasl (IAS),"Going Beyond the Randall-Sundrum Phenomenlogy".

November 29

December 6
Kastubh Agashe (Johns Hopkins),"Gauge Coupling Renormalization and Unification in RS1". 

December 13
David Kosower