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Resistance to Change

Resistance to change is normal and even beneficial. It must be expected and acknowledged, and people's concerns must be listened to and responded to.

Here is a handy little formula that we can refer to that will allow us to deal with resistance positively and effectively. (SOURCE?).

D x V x F = R, where:

This says that Dissatisfaction, Vision and First Steps are all necessary in order to overcome Resistance to change.

In order to overcome resistance to change in ITD, we have tried to help staff to be aware of all three factors D x V x F = R in ITD....

What was our Dissatisfaction (compelling reasons to change)

What is our Vision (clear image of where we want to go -what we are changing to)

What have been some of our First (Next) Steps (what changes have been identified that are expected now)?

In any organizational change activity there will be those that are strongly in favor of the change, those that strongly oppose the change, and a majority of people who may be somewhat interested, but have a "wait and see" - or "we've seen this before; just wait and it will pass" attitude.

It doesn't take too many committed people to help an organization make a positive change, if they have sponsorship from the leadership. In our case, the members of the ITD Steering committee and several of the senior managers have often acted in this "zealot" or "change agent" role.

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