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Welcome to the Student Initiatives Pages! We are the U of M students that are trying to make an environmental difference on campus. We've got a lot of stuff planned, and we just keep coming up with more! Basically, we're trying to find more ways to educate, entertain, and impliment long-term change in the University. Got an idea? Want to help? Like more info? Then just email us at

Here's all the stuff we're working on right now:

Education And Awareness Projects

We're not just talking about boring courses and dry speakers (I mean, okay, we're gonna have some speakers, but they're gonna be really awesome speakers that you'll actually want to listent to). We're talking about awesome programming and projects...
Guerrilla Theatre! Mini Courses!! Service Days!!! Bands!!!!


Operations? What the %@*#! is Operations?!?
Recycling! Energy Conservation! ITD!! Research Opportunities!!! What do YOU want change?

Housing Projects

If you live in one of the University's many fine residence halls, brace yourself! And if you don't, well, maybe living off campus isn't all that great after all. You're missing out on probably the best theme dinner this campus has ever seen. You're fo rfeiting on the coolest RA programming. And you just blew you chance to be in WolverGreen Games.

...Coming Soon! NetWorking

Find out what other student groups on campus are doing for the the Winter 1998 Environmental Theme Semester!

...Coming Soon! M Fest!

Coming Soon....Find Out All About It...You Won't Want To Miss It!!!

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