Bringing People into Population and Habitat Viability Analyses

Ulie Seal
Conservation Breeding Specialist Group, 12101 Johnny Cake Ridge Road, Apple Valley, MN 55124-8151; (612) 432 2757 (fax);

Frances Westley
Faculty of Management, McGill University, Montreal, P.Q., Canada; (514) 486 5885 (fax);

Onnie Byers
IUCN/SSC, Conservation Breeding Specialist Group, Apple Valley, Minnesota.

Gayl Ness
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan.


The Conservation Breeding Specialist Group (CBSG), part of IUCN's Species Survival Commission, has developed a powerful workshop process to assist environmental managers to protect endangered species in specific habitats.  The Population Habitat Viability Analysis (PHVA) brings together a variety of scientists and wildlife managers to examine the condition of a specific species and habitat and to help plan for their effective management.  To date, over 150 of these workshops have been organized in more than 50 countries.  An important gap in the process, however, lies in the lack of good demographic and social science input.  This is now being addressed by a new global biodiversity network, a collaboration between the CBSG and Professor Frances Westley of McGill University's School of Management.  The network includes biological and social scientists.  It is now conducting a series of experiments to bring human demography and other social sciences more fully into the PHVA process.

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