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8/20/11 Update for the UPDATE!:

The Endangered Species UPDATE will be storing our entire catalogue of issues at We're still in the process of consolidating a quarter-century's worth of files, so there may be a few stragglers missing from the collection at this time. Rest assured, we are working quickly to post them all.

ESU Staff

An announcement from Management to our valued readers:

Thank you for your support of the University of Michigan's Endangered Species UPDATE We have been proud to provide a venue for the scientific and political aspects of endangered species conservation efforts for the last 26 years. It has been the support of subscribers and contributors that have enabled the ESU to have such a lengthy and productive run.

This spring, we will be publishing our final Endangered Species UPDATE issues, Vol. 26 #1/2 and Vol. 26 #3/4, as special double-issues. Over the last few years, we have been behind on some of our issues and, as a result of our closing, will not be publishing the remaining issues for the 2010 and 2011 years.

We are in the process of mailing out formal notifications to all our subscribers. Enclosed in the notification is a form that can be used to receive compensation for the unpublished issues included in one's subscription.

We appreciate your patience, generosity, and understanding,
ESU Staff



Who We Are:

The Endangered Species UPDATE, published by the School of Natural Resources and Environment at the University of Michigan, is the leading forum for information on scientific and political aspects of current threatened and endangered species protection efforts.

In its 26 years of publication, the UPDATE has established itself as the primary forum for government agencies, conservation organizations, private consulting and law firms, zoos, museums educational institutions, and others to exchange ideas and information on endangered species issues.


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