timeline of his life

Sandburg led an interesting life.  Below you will find a timeline of his life.  This will give you a chance to get to know Sandburg better and learn about his place within Chicago poetry.

1878 - Sandburg is born in Galesburg, Illinois

1892 - Ends his public education in 8th grade so he can begin working.

1896 - Makes his first trip to Chicago at the age of 18.

1897- Joins the military for the Spanish - American War.  Sees no action.

1899 - Invited to West Point.  Fails entrance exams and studies at Lombard College instead.

1902 - Jailed in PA for not being able to pay his train fare.

1914 - Wins Levinson Prize

1916 - Publishes Chicago Poems
1918 - Becomes war correspondent during WWI

1928 - Moves to Michigan

1936 - Publishes his most popular book, The People, Yes

1939 - Wins Pulitzer Prize for Abraham Lincoln: The War Years.

1943 - Moves to North Carolina

1948 - Publishes his only novel, Remembrance Rock

1953 - Publishes Always the Young Strangers, the autobiography of his first 20 years.

1963 - Publishes his last book of poetry, Honey and Salt.

1967 - Sandburg dies at age 89.

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