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Getting to know the city is important for understanding what the city (and Sandburg's poetry) is all about.

Older Photos

Clark Street was a bustling street for commerce.

A photo of the "el" and the near north side, north of the loop.

The "El" was (and still is) an important way to get around.

Grant's statue can be found in Lincoln Park

The Chicago Tribune building

Lake Shore Drive, circa 1920's.

Lincoln Park

The Chicago Theater

The Magnificent Mile, circa 1920's

More Recent Photos

The city has one of the most unique skylines in the world

The Sears Tower is the world's second tallest building.  On a clear day, standing at the top, you can see 50 miles and four states (Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana).

Navy Pier is a popular destination for tourists and bikers.

Another picture of the city's skyline

Buckingham Fountain is a beautiful fountain located in Grant Park.

Buckingham Fountain at night

Michigan Avenue is a popular destination for shoppers and tourists.

Boats traveling on the Chicago River beneath the Michigan Avenue bridge.

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