Annotated Bibliography

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Earle, Peter. A City Full Of People. Great Britain: Methuen London, 1994. Peter Earle discusses some of the most popular jobs that women and men held from 1650-1750. He talks about how their different areas of employment were broken down along gender lines and the impact it had on society. Statistical information is provided.


Fildes, Valerie. Women As Mothers In Pre-Industrial England. Great Britain: Routledge, 1990. This book provides a comprehensive view of motherhood. Fildes includes details of prenatal and postnatal practices. There are many quotations and personal comments from mothers in history.


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Mehta, Aban B. The Domestic Servant Class. India: G. R. Bhatkal, 1960. This book provides a background on domestic service as it relates to marriage, housing, wages and economic conditions. I found the information on housing conditions and wages to be of particular interest. There were details provided about actual furnishings and living quarters. This book is filled with tables and pie graphs illustrating the breakdown of domestic servants by religions, age, family type, pay scale and more.


Morgan, Marjorie. Manners, Morals and Class in England, 1774-1858. Great Britain: The Macmillan Press Ltd., 1994. This book examines the relationships between the social and the occupational behavioral ideals contained in conduct books and etiquette manuals.


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"Prostitution." Encyclopedia Britannica Online: 3 pp. Online. Internet. 19 Feb 1999. <>. This article examines prostitution in many different cultures, including Hebrew, Chinese and American. The information on European prostitution is limited, but useful. The outbreak of venereal diseases and subsequent medical regulations is discussed.


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Sharpe, Pamela. Adapting To Capitalism: Working Women in the English Economy, 1700-1850. New York: St. Martin's Press, 1996. Sharpe provides insight into the economic status of widows and mothers. Not only does this book offer statistics about the percentage of women in specific economic circumstances but it shows what recourse women were left with in the financial world.


Stone, Lawrence. The Family, Sex and Marriage In England 1500-1800. New York: Harper & Row, 1977. A very comprehensive book that gives a historical perspective of a woman's place in history. This book offers a careful listing of laws as well as specific examples of women who lived in these times.

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