Women to Know

Why are women authors so important? As you will soon realize, women and literature are at the forefront of the changing politcal and social sphere.Since writing is the only profession in which a woman is able to support herself, women are rapidly infiltrating the field . [10]As a result, there is more literature written for women than in any previous time. Furthermore, these women writers become engaged in an ongoing cycle - as they take advantage of emerging oppotunities for women, in the same moment they break barriers and create new possibilites. On this page you will find access to the important authors who are creating a sense of female community and exploring the way female relationships are viewed in society. In addition to writing literature for women, strengthening female bonds, and increasing the presence of women in the intellectual world, these women show us how society views female relationships and intimacy, and what these implications mean for us.


Aphra Behn Eliza Haywood A text by Delariviere Manley
Lady Montagu


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