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Cooper, Samuel. "Catharine of Braganza H.M. The Queen, Windsor Castle." Whinney, Maragaret and Olivar Millar. The Oxford History of English Art 1625-1714. Ed. T.S.R. Boase. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1957. Plate 58a.

Link to ECE Home Page is Sandby, Paul. "The Ladies Waldegrave." See bibliographic information under Female Intimacy.

Get Educated about Literature

Stubbs, George. "A Lady Reading in a Wooded Park." Ed. Ronald Paulson. Emblem and Expression: Meaning in English Art of the Eighteenth Century. Cambridge: Harvard UP, 1975. 169.

Female Intimacy

Sandby, Paul. "Lady Amelia D'Arcy." HaverKamp-Begemann, Egbet , et al. The Robert Lehman Collection VII. New York: Metropolitan Museum of Art in association with Princeton: Princeton UP, 1999.

Women To Know & Individual Author Pages

Lely, Sir Peter. "Mrs. Aphra Behn." Ed. Montague Sumers. The Works of Aphra Behn. New York: Phaeton Press, 1967. Title Page.

Fascimilie. "The New Atlantis." Ed. Patricia Koster. The Novels of Delariviere Manley Vol. I. Gainseville: Scholar's Fascimilies and Reprints, 1971. 265.

Eliza Haywood, by Vertue, George. Engraved from original by Jacques Parmentier and first published as the frontispiece to her Secret Histories, Novels and Poems, 1724. Republished: Haywood, Eliza. The Injur'd Husband and Lasselia. Ed. Jerry C. Beasley. Lexington: The University Press of Kentucky, 1999.

Why Female Friendship is Possible in the Eighteenth Century

Taken from Burke, Joseph. English Art 1714-1800. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1976. Plate 29. Both pieces of art on this page are portions of the same painting.

The Importance of Female Friendship

Taken from European Paintings of the Sixteenth, Seventeenth, and Eighteenth Century: The Cleveland Museum of Art Catalogue of Paintings, Part Three. 1982. 198, fig. 82.

Challenges to Female Friendship

Taken from the Art History Resources on the Web. By Jean-Marc Nattier, entitled Madame Marsollier and her Daughter (1749).

Katherine Philips

Taken from Thomas, Patrick. Katherine Philips ('Orinda'). Wales: University of Wales Press, 1988. Introduction page.

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Sanby, Paul. "A Lady Painting." See Bibliographic Information in Female Intimacy entry.


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