Daniel Altman

I am currently a postdoctoral assistant professor at the University of Michigan. Previously I was a PhD student of Ben Green at Oxford, and before that I was an undergraduate at UNSW, Sydney.

From my first day in Oxford

Research Interests

I have fairly broad research interests, scattered around the areas of number theory and combinatorics. Of late, I have found myself spending a lot of my time thinking about higher order Fourier analysis.


  1. Local aspects of the Sidorenko property for linear equations
    Altman, D

  2. On the smallest gap in a sequence with Poisson pair correlations
    Altman, D, Chase, Z

  3. On a question of Alon
    Altman, D

  4. A non-flag arithmetic regularity lemma and counting lemma
    Altman, D

  5. On a conjecture of Gowers and Wolf
    Altman, D
    Discrete Analysis 2022:10, 13 pp.
    editorial introduction

  6. On Szemer├ędi's theorem with differences from a random set
    Altman, D
    Acta Arithmetica, Volume 195, 2020, Pages 97-108.

  7. A threshold result for loose Hamiltonicity in random regular uniform hypergraphs
    Altman, D, Greenhill, C, Isaev, M, Ramadurai, R
    Journal of Combinatorial Theory (Series B), Volume 142, May 2020, Pages 307-373.

Contact Details

Office: 1830
E-mail: can be found in my papers; see links above.


I like cricket. Here is a video of the final day of our match against Cambridge this year.

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