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Notes for Thomas Lippincott

1686 Thomas Lippincott son of Freedom & Mary Lippincott was born ye 28th of ye tenth month in ye year 1686. [1]

1715 Freedom Lippincott, of Evesham, and Elizabeth Wills, daughter of John Wills of Northampton, were married on 17 of month 9 (November), at Northampton meeting, Burlington County, New Jersey. Witnessed by Thomas Lippincott and others. [2]

1732 Thomas Lippincott married Mercy Hugg, widow, on April 19, along the Rancocas River, Northampton Twp, Burlington County, New Jersey. [3]

1739 Thomas Lippincott voted in an election in Burlington County, New Jersey. [4]

A biosketch reported [5]:

Thomas Lippincott, the second son of Freedom and Mary Lippincott, purchased by deed, dated 8th mo., 24th, 1711, of Thomas Stevenson, a tract of Jand in the present township of Cinnaminson, beginning on the northeast side of Pennsaukin Creek, a little above the forks, now called Ford Landing, and corner to Robert Stile's land; thence by the same north sixty-eight degrees, east seventy-eight chains; thence north, north-west by the head lines of the farms, fronting on the said Pennsaukin Creek, seventy-four chains to the head line of the Cinnaminson farms, fronting on the Delaware river; thence along said line, north sixty-eight degrees, east sixty-eight chains to Sweedes' Run, or Pompession Craek, (which last line I have had occasion to run this winter and find the course now bears north sixty-five degrees, thirty minutes east;) thence up Pompession Creek the several courses thereof to the corner of Joseph Stokes' land; thence leaving said stream and running by several lines, the general course of which is a southwesterly direction to the aforesaid Penisaukin Creek ; thence down the several courses thereof, to the place of beginning; containing ten hundred and thirty-four acres, besides the usual allowance for highways, extending from Pennsaukin Creek to Sweedes' Run aforesaid.

The said Thomas Lippincott was married to Mary, daughter of John and Esther Haines, of Evesham Township, 9th mo., 1711, and settled on the said tract of land where were born to them Nathaniel, 5th mo., 2d, 1713, married Mary Engle; Isaac married Hannah Engle; Thomas married Rebecca Eldridge; Abigail married Thomas Wallis; Esther married John Roberts. The said Thomrs Lippincott was a useful man, and repeatedly elected to fill important offices in the township, in the years 1715, '17, '22, '25, '26, '38 and '43. Died 5th mo. 9th, 1757.


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