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Notes for Charles Hinson and Agnes Clark

Research Notes:

Notes for this Charles, son of Benjamin, and Charles, brother of Benjamin, might be confused with each other. This Charles Hinson had 2 wives (see his 1847 will).

c 1776 Charles Hinson served with Captain James Flair in Col Davidson's Regiment; under Col. Culp of South Carolina; under Captain Patrick Bogaan of Col. Thomas Wades Regiment; under Captain Duke Glenn foining General Sumpter; and under Captain Stephen Tomkins.

1785 Charles Hinson, perhaps this one, was taxed in Fauquier County, Virginia. [1]

1789 The will of Christopher Clark, dated December 25, 1789, named daughter Agnes Hinson, wife of Charles. The will was proved July, 1790. [2]

1790 Charles Hinson lived in Anson County, North Carolina, in a household with 1 males age 16 and over, and 1 females. [3]

Agnes Clarke, daughter of Christopher Clarke and Agnes Moreman, married Charles Hinson. [4]

1792 Agnes Hinson, formerly Clark [spouse of Charles Hinson?] was dismissed by the Quaker Cane Creek meeting, North Carolina for marrying out of unity. Rachel Moorman was dismissed at the same meeting. Curiously, there was also a record naming Agness Clark and Rachel Moorman, dated 1774.

1774 This meeting received from the Womens Meeting a Testimony against Agness Clark also one against Rachel Moorman was re[a]d and sign'd and ordered to be published. Dated January 15, South River MM. [5]

1792 This meeting disowns Agness Hinson, formerly Clark … Rachel Adcock (formerly Moorman now Thomas) for accomplishing their marriages out of the unity of friends. Dated 7 August (8th month). [6] [7]

1800 Charles Hinson lived in Fayetteville, Anson County, North Carolina in a household with free white males: 2 (under 10), 2 (10 thru 15), 1 (16 thru 25), 1 (26 thru 44), and 1 (45 and over); and free white females: 1 (under 10), 2 (10 thru 15), 1 (16 thru 25), and 1 (45 and over); and 8 slaves. Isham Henson was listed nearby. [8]

1810 Chas Hinson lived in Anson County, North Carolina in a household with free white males: 2 (10 thru 15), 1 (26 thru 44), and 1 (45 and over); and free white females: 1 (10 thru 15) and 1 (26 thru 44); and 1 slaves. Bartlett Hinson, Benjamin Moorman, and Thomas Ratliff were listed nearby. [9]

1820 Charles Hinson lived in McRae Twp, Anson County, North Carolina in a household with free white males: 1 (16 thru 25) and 1 (45 and over); and free white females: 2 (under 10), 1 (16 thru 25), and 1 (26 thru 44); and 4 slaves. [10]

1830 Charles Hinson Esquire (age 60-70), female (age 40-50) and female (age 15-20) and 4 slaves lived in Anson County, North Carolina. Nearby listings were for John C Hinson (age 30-40), Benjamin Moorman (age 70-80), and John Hinson (age 40-50). [11]

1833-47 Charles Hinson filed application for Revolutionary War benefits in April in Anson County, Virginia. When asked about his birth, he named his grandfather Philip Hinson and his brother Bartlett Hinson, who had made records. Benefits were paid in March and September of each year through March 1847. "Died August 8/47 - Paid 1st qr '48". [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17]

Application of Charles Hinson With affidavit of William Ricketts for Revolutionary War Pension
Source: National Archives pension application file S7014 [North Carolina])
(This document has been edited for ease of reading only.)
State of North Carolina, April Session 1833, Anson County.

On the 10th day of April 1833 personally appeared in open Court before the Worshipfull Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, Charles Hinson a resident of the County of Anson aforesaid aged seventy years - a Soldier of the Revolution Also being sworn according to law doth upon his oath make the following declarations in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed June the 7th 1832

I entered the service of the United States under the following named officers and served as herein stated.

I Volunteered of the 22nd day of June 1780 in the militia under Capt James Fair in the County of Anson State of No Carolina for three months Col Davidsons Regiment and was in two Skirmishes with the Tories under Col Culp[?] of So Carolina the first at Baggetts (now S---boro) - the other on the same morning at Capt Duke Glenns plantation near Pee dee River in both of which we defeated them (the Tories) I served the three months then was discharged in Septr 1780.

I again volunteered in the County of Anson State of North Carolina in Septr 1780 under Capt Patrick Boggan Col Thomas Wades Regiment and was Engaged in Collecting Cattle and Supplies for the American Army throughout the country in the neighborhood of Camden SoCarolina under the direction of Col Thomas Wade who was then Comissary and served four months in the month of January 1781.

I again volunteered in the County of Anson, North Carolina under Capt Duke Glenn in the month of January 1781 and was marched into SoCarolina and joined General Sumpter and was in an Engagement with the Enemy at the head of S--- Hore[?] (now black River) Lord Rawdon was then in possession of Camden I was then marched back to North Carolina on Pee dee River when owing to some cowardly conduct of Capt Glenns he was tryed by a Court Martial and was disgraced and Cashiered I was then placed under the command of Capt Stephen Tomkins and was marched to Drowning Creek and was engaged against the Tories in the Battle of Baties Brige I served seven months and was discharged in August 1781.

I again volunteered in the County of Anson No Carolina in Septr 1781 under Capt Patrick Boggan and Marched to Cape Fear River where we joined Col Smith (General Rutherfords Brigade and was marched [cut off] the Brick house Near Wilmington North Carolina and was in the Battle with the Tories below the brick House in which we defeated them, and made an ineefectual attack on the British who was fortified in the Brick house I have a distinct Recollection that during this toure that we received the news of the Surrender of Lord Cornwallace to the American Army at Little York I was dischrged in the County of Anson December 1781 having served four months.

I became a Substitute for a man by the name of Gordon under Capt. Thomas Elebee at Cheraw South Carolina for two months sometime in February 1782 and together with several others was put in charge of some British Prisoners in number about one hundred and ordered to conduct them to Charleston So Carolina (the British yet being in poseesion of that place) We delivered them over just below the Mouth of Watt Both on Ashley River near Charleston I was then discharged having served the term for which substituted two months having served in all my five terms of service one year and eight months (In fact I am Confident that I served in all two years but part of my time of service I cannot state deffinitely but such was the [torn] State of things in this section of country that we were constantly annoyed by our neighbors & internal enemy the Tories who wer much more troublesome to us than the British much of our time of service I have taken no account of I was young and inattentive to that of gathering written discharges In truth my main object was to get freedom for my country I have now no distinct recollection of having received but one written discharge and that I have lost, I have no other documentary evidence of my service and there are but five persons now living who served in this section of the Country in the Revolutionary War I know of none whose testimony I can Pocure to testify to my service except Walter Leake and Lott Strickland both of the County of Richmond No Carolina whose affedavits are here unto annexed and also [Robt Huntley Xed out] and Wm Ricketts both of the County of Anson afore said whose affidavit is also here unto annexed.

I hereby relinquish every claim whatsoever to a pension or annuity Except the present and declare that my name is not on the Pension Roll of the agency of any State whatever Sworn to and Suscribed the day and year aforesaid
Charles Hinson

1st Question Where and in what year were you born?
Answer. In the centerfield district State of South Carolina on the 21st day of June 1763

2nd Question Have you any record of your age and if so where is it?
Answer. A Record of my age were kept by Doctor Dixon & by Grandfather Philip Hinson From which I Transcribed a copy which copy is now in the possession of my Brother Bartlett Hinson of this County

3rd question Where were you living when called into service: where have you lived since the Revolutionary War and where do you now live?
Answer. I lived in the County of Anson North Carolina when called into service and where I continued to live all my life & where I now live.

4th question How were you called into service; were you drafted; did you volunteer or were you a substitute, and if in substitute, for whom?
Answer. I was a volunteer in every Tour except the last when I was a Substitute for 2 months for a man by the name of Gordon

5th question State the names of some of the regular officers who were with the troops when you served, such Continental and militia regiments as you can recollect and the general circumstances of your service.
Answer. I was attached to General Greens Division I served under no Regular or Continental officers my services were under the immediate command of militia officers (to wit) Colonels Love, Culp, Wade, Smith, and Sumter, and General Rutherford

6th question Did you ever receive a discharge from the service, and if so, by whom was it given and what has become of it?
Answer. I do not recollect of having received but one written discharge which was from Colonel Ellerbee and that I have lost

7th question State the names of persons to whom you are known in your present neighborhood and who can testify as to your character for veracity and their belief in your services as a soldier in the revolution.
Answer. William Johnson Esquire and the Rev'd Elijah Cason all both well acquainted with me.

Sworn to and subscribed the day & year above written
Charles Hinson

Personally appeared in open Court William Ricketts a man of credibility a resident of the County of Anson State of North Carolina who being duly sworn according to law doth on his oath Make the following statement viz- That he saw Charles Hinson the above named applicant engaged in the American service in the time of the revolutionary war during the spring and summer of the year 1781 under Captain Stephen Tompkins, Col Wade's Regiment and was with him the a considerable part of the time of 4 months. Sworn to and subscribed in open Court this 10th day of April A.D. 1833
his William W Ricketts mark

1840 Charles Hinson (age 70-80), female (age 60-70) and younger generations and 10 slaves lived in Anson County, North Carolina with 78 acres. Nearby were Thomas Ratcliff, two Haley families, and James C Vaughn (age 20-30) and wife. Also in Anson county were Abner Curtis, Pearson D Hinson (age 30-40) and family, Wm Henson (age 20-30) and family, Brooks Hinson (female age 40-50), John Hinson (age 50-60) and family. [18]

1841 Charles Hinson (age 78) of Anson County, was listed on the census of pensioners in North Carolina. [19]

1847 The will of Charles Hinson of Anson County, North Carolina was dated May 10. The will named son John C Hinson and daughters Nancy Hailey, Ursula Howard, and Katherine Vaughn, and son-in-law Charles Hailey (husband of daughter Nancy), and grand-daughter Mary Jane Ratcliff and three children of daughter Nancy. Charles had married more than once. There may have been disputes among the heirs about land ownership. Executor son-in-law Charles Hailey. Witnesses A Curtis, Brooks Hinson, W H Cox. [20] [21] [22] The will was proved at the October term.

… and 3rd I give and bequeath to my daughter Nancy Hailey and it is further my wish and desire that the place whereon I now live to belong to the said Nancy Hailey (provided my Executors can so arrange the matter with Joseph Medley who has at this time a lean on property) to go to her and her heirs forever.

4th and whereas there is fifty acres of land inside of my boundaries claimed by John C. Hinson I wish it distinctly understood that I claim that as my distribution share of the lands that fell to them the said John C. Hinson & Ursula Howard by virtue of my first wife for the raising of them also for board and tuition my wish is that the said fifty acres of land be sold with my other lands and the money arising there from be applied to the payment of the Judgement now in the hands of Joseph Medley.

5th item Showing that I have already given to my son John C Hinson fourteen hundred & seventy four dollars and five cents worth of my property of which there was one hundred acres of land of my first wifes property valued at seven hundred dollars the balance of the fourteen hundred & seventy dollars & five cents was of my own property.

6th item Showing that I have already given to my daughter Ursula Howard seven hundred dolars worth of property (it being a negro by name of Legs) which came to me by virtue of my first wife valued at seven hundred dollars The hundred acres of land standing to John C Hinson was relinquished by me to Ursula Howard and the negro boy standing to Ursula Howard was given by me to John C. Hinson but the change above was made by themselves.

7th Item showing that I have already given to my daughter Katharine Vaughan more than all the rest of my children in different kinds of property.

8th Item showing that I have already given to my Grand daughter Mary Jane Ratliff three hundred dollars in different kinds of property.

9th item … the negro boy named in the 3rd item … shall be the property of Nancy Haily until my grandson Charles Hailey arrives to the age of eight years … I wish his worth equally divided among my three grand children Ira Hailey, Wesley Hailey & Charles Hailey …

[witnessed by] A Curtis, Brooks Hinson, Wm H Cox.

1850 Brooks Hinson (age 52) and Obedience Hinson (age 49) lived in Sandy Point District, Anson County, North Carolina with Thomas L C (age 15), Henry R (age 13), Eli N Liles (age 3) and Frances Liles (age 16). William Ratcliff (age 35) and Mary J Ratcliff (age 29) and children were listed on the same page of the census. Dixon Hinson (age 42) and Nancy (age 34) and family lived in the same District. Mary Hinson (age 36), Nancy Clark (age 52), Joseph C Hinson (age 17) and younger children lived in the same District. [23]

Charles and brother Bartlett were named as grandsons of Phillip Hinson. 4 children have been named. [24]


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