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Notes for Julius Saunders and Jemima Woodward

1755 Julius Sanders [born about 1720 and died about 1764, according to Judia and Ralph Terry - Family and Neighbors of Coleman County, Texas, rootsweb] and Jemima Woodward were married in October, 1755.

1756 On 27 January, Julius Saunders and Jemima Woodward, in Albemarle, reported the birth of son Clayburn in Oct 1755 in the register of St James, Northam parish, Goochland county. [1] [2] Their marriage has been reported to have been in Goochland County, Virginia in Oct, 1755. [3]

1777 Several people in Albemarle County, Virginia, including Julius Sanders and Claburn Sanders, signed a petition to the Virginia legislature to divide Albemarle County and incoprorate it into other counties. Among the other signers were John Henson, Henry Hughes, John Moody, Edmond Moody, and Rees Hughes. [4]

1779 Sanders and Seay [no first names were reported] were reported as not guilty in the Fluvanna County Order Book dated May 6. [5]

1779 Julius Sanders Sen and Julius Sanders Jun were named in a court order regarding a road in Fluvanna County dated September 2 with John Sea appointed as surveyor. [6]

1779 Sanders and Seay [no first names were reported] were named in the Fluvanna County Order Book dated September 2. [7]

1782 Julius Sanders, perhaps this one, was listed in the census for Fluvanna County, Virginia.

Research Notes:

We do not know the relationship between this Julius Saunders, married to Jemimah Woodward, and Julius Sanders [8] who had a daughter Mary married to Phillip Hinson. Based on the dates alone, this Julius, husband of Jemimah Woodward, could be a brother to Mary, wife of Philip Hinson. We would be delighted to learn of more information about either Julius. [9]

1776 The revolutionary record of Jesse Saunders (son of Jemima Woodward) indicates that he enlisted in the spring of 1776 in Albermarle Co. Va., applied for a pension while a resident of Fluvanna Co. Va. and died there 4-15-1841. Fluvanna Co. was created from Albermarle Co. Va. in 1777. [10]


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