Selected Sources of Literature on Fish Biology




These sources are a good introduction into the primary literature in several broad areas. Use them, and the sources cited in them, to find your way through that literature.

Copeia, journal of the American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists. Contains many papers on a wide area of subjects, including physiology, ecology, systematics, etc. Museums, Science Library. QL640 .C78

Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences--mostly applied research. Museums; Science Library. SH223 .A333

Canadian Journal of Zoology--systematics and ecology. Science Library. QL1 .C221

Netherlands Journal of Zoology--systematics and functional morphology. Science Library. QL1 .A69

Journal of Fish Biology--Academic Press; a British journal, often fishery related. Museums; Science Library. QL614 .J86

Ichthyological Explorations of Freshwaters--primarily systematics, color illustrations. Available in Fish Div. library

Environmental Biology of Fishes--mixed quality and subjects. Science Library. QL614 .E58

Transactions of the American Fisheries Society--fisheries related. Science Library. SH1 .A5

Animal Behaviour--often contains papers on behavior of fishes. British. Museums; Science Library. QL750. A59

Ecology--many papers on ecology of fishes. Museums; Science Library. Q901.A3 .J86

Journal of Experimental Biology--contains papers on functional morphology. Science Library. QH301 .J86

Fishery Bulletin--from the Fish and Wildlife Service; fishery related, but with some systematics papers. SH11 .A45 Science Library; Museums; North Engineering

Current References in Fish Research--Ed. Victor Cvancara. Fish Division library QL 614 .C97. A useful source of fish literature, but misses much systematics.

MIRLYN--online access to UM libraries catalogue (MCAT)

Biological Abstracts--is also available at several libraries in paper form or on CD-ROM. Easy to search and includes abstracts of articles rather than just titles.

Science Citation Index--In most cases, and "easy search" will do. This is a very powerful tool for finding references and abstracts.)

Numerous on-line journals are available through the UofM library system.