Biology 440/NR 422

Tu-Th 11:30-1:00

Fall, 2004

Sept 7 Introduction to course; Questions and techniques; what is a fish, anyway? Fink

Sept 9 Fundamental concepts of comparative biology, or "The Shark, the Salmon, and You" References and Definitions and Lecture Outline. Fink

Sept 14 Overview of craniate relationships Lecture Outline, References, Classification, Craniate Phylogeny and Movies. Fink

Sept 16 Overview of actinopterygian relationships Lecture Outline, Caudal skeleton, Actinopterygian Phylogenies and Movies. Fink

Sept 21 Overview of actinopterygian relationships, continued. Fink

Sept 23 Biodiversity of Fishes Capsule Procedures: Start Here, Click here to see available species, Click here to enter the Biology of Fishes portion of the Biodiversity Web site, Click here to enter the Biodiversity Home Page. The Native Fish photo site is here. Fink

Sept 28 The primitive teleostean feeding mechanism References. Fink

Sept 30 The advanced teleostean feeding mechanism References. Fink

Oct 5 The blood/vascular system References. Fink

Oct 7 Respiration, aquatic and terrestrial References. Wehrly

Oct 12 Osmoregulation and the challenges of migration References. Wehrly

Oct 14 Locomotion, buoyancy and schooling. Wehrly

Oct. 19 Fall Study Break -- No class

Oct 21 . Laterosensory system and electrobiology References, Lecture Outline (Sorry, works with Internet Explorer only), and the Caltech site on electric fishes. Fink

Oct 26 Hearing and sound production References and sounds from the soniferous fishes page of the Sciaenid Acoustics Research Team. Wehrly

Oct 28 Olfaction and gustation References. Wehrly

Nov 2 Mid-term Exam

Nov 4 Reproductive biology. Wehrly

Nov 9 Morphology and ecology of tropical freshwater fishes References and Lecture Outline. Wehrly

Nov 11 Morphology and ecology of deep sea fishes References / View Ocean features

Nov 16 Biogeography of North American freshwater fishes, Wehrly

Nov 18 Poisonous and venomous fishes References. Wehrly

Nov 23 Conservation Biology I. Wehrly

Nov 30 Field trip to Toledo Aquarium Reference Sheet and Information about the trip

Dec 2 Conservation Biology II. Wehrly

Dec 7 Oral presentations of research papers. Check here for tips!

Dec 9 Oral presentations of research papers

Dec 14 Oral presentations of research papers

Dec 16 Final Examination due today at 5PM (No exceptions)