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Textile Composites

  • Size Effects in Textile Composites [Link]
    • Sponsor: ACC, DoE
  • Experimental Investigation and Modeling of 3D Woven Composites under High Strain Rates [Link]
    • Sponsor: Army Research Lab (ARL) and ARO
  • Modeling of the Curing Process of Triaxially Braided Composites and Measuring In-situ Matrix Material Properties [Link]
    • Sponsor: ACC, DoE
  • The Development of a Shock Tube Facility for Studying the Blast Response of Textile Composite Laminates [Link]
    • Sponsor: ARL and ARO
  • Validated Failure Prediction Tools for Adhesively Bonded Composite Structures [Link]
    • Sponsor: NASA
  • Failure Initiation Predictors for Reliability-Based Design of Hybrid Composite Materials [Link]
    • Sponsor: CometAcoustics, Inc., AFOSR
  • Fracture Toughness and Impact Study of LBL Polyurethane Laminates [Link]
    • Sponsor: ONR
  • Fracture Characterization of Sandwich Panels[Link]
    • Sponsor: General Electric
  • Cohesive Zone Models and their use in Characterizing Failure Interaction in Laminated Composites[Link]
Multi-Scale Theories
  • Multiscale Progressive Failure Prediction of Laminated Composites [Link]
    • Sponsor: NASA
  • Variational Multiscale Cohesive Method and its Use to Predict the Fracture of Composite Laminates [Link]
    • Sponsor: NASA
  • Multi-scale Homogenization modeling of C/SiC composites [Link]
Biological Structures
  • Natural Frequencies and Mode Shapes of an Insect Wing [Link]
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